Genius Hour#14- June 6th, 2017

  1. Over the past week I started working on my Prezi presentation and started adding before and after pictures of the editing that I did.I also added some of the descriptions
  2. It made me feel great because i finally started my project’s last part. This makes me feel that i am almost done.
  3. I learned things about prezi and how you can add a lot of different pictures to it and customize your presentation. I didn’t face any challenges but i am still alit confuse as how many effects do need to add to my presentation
  4. I didn’t face any challenges everything went smooth.
  5. Nothing failed everything was perfect.
  6. In the future i anticipate to finish this presentation with great visuals and just present it. Also i want to portray my learning in these presentations.
  7. I just learned some  things about prezi and what kind of effects i can add. This is really nice as when i have to use Prezi in the future i will know what i am doing.
  8. Wunderlist updated

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.36.35 PM.png