Genius Hour# 11-May 16th

  1. This week wasn’t to good. i still couldn’t do the dispersion effect. Even though i have watched multiple tutorials i can’t actually do it myself. There were a lot of problems that didn’t let me complete this effect.
  2. It made me feel bad because i couldn’t complete this effect and will be moving on. I wished i could have completed it.
  3. I didn’t really  learn anything this week but i did face challenges like trying to use the liquify tool. I watched the whole tutorial but still couldnt understand how to do the liquify effect .
  4. I think its just a bug with my computer because i have followed the steps to do this effect. I might leave this effect because i have already spent to classes on this effect.
  5. Because of the liquid effect i failed the whole effect and that is all  i failed at.
  6.  I think in the future i will be changing my effect to something different as i am having trouble finishing this one and i am thinking about a fire effect
  7. I didn’t really learn anything about this one other than the things i already knew this was really hard and challenging. But the main problem was the Liquid tool i feel like mine is bugged and that is why it doesn’t. I have seen every video about dispersion effect but still the liquid tool is necessary.

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