Genius Hour Blog#10- May 9th

  1. Over the past week i learned a little more about the Dispersion effect but failed to edit a picture with this effect. Even after watching a lot of tutorials i wasn’t able to do it.
  2. I felt a feeling of frustration because i wasn’t able to do the effect even after so many tutorials and tries.
  3.  I learned more about dispersion and the liquid tool that was suppose to stretch picture in different directions but sadly there was a weird problem because of which i couldn’t do it. This was the challenge that i faced trying to use the liquid tool.
  4. I guess i am going to face these challenges by learning more about this tool and the settings related to it.
  5. The only thing that failed was not to be able to use the liquid tool as it was the main tool that added the dispersion effect.
  6. I anticipate to do more studying around the effect and Photoshop itself so i could be better at working with it .
  7. I learned every step to making a dispersion effect but i couldn’t do the Liquid tool. But i learned to use the refining setting and quick selection methods.
  8.  I could actually show these pictures in a slide show like making a video than a power point.
  9. Updated the Wanderlust.
  10. Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.24.30 PM.png

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