Genius Hour Blog#9 2nd May, 2017

  1. Over the past week I have been learning about this new cool effect called Dispersion which is also known as the smoke effect. I learned about the Liquid tool to make this effect. I learned it by watching online tutorials.
  2. It made me feel great because Photoshop is such a great program and exploring it is fun effect by effect. But I felt a little disappointed because I could have done more and actually could have performed the dispersion effect and saved it.
  3.  I Learned about the Liquid effect by watching tutorials and how to make a smoke effect with it. I faced challenges like not being able to do the smoke effect because of time problems.
  4.  I think i am going to over come these challenges by managing my time and working fast.
  5. Nothing failed this week everything went alright.
  6.  In the future i would be exploring more effects and tools as there is so much to explore in Photoshop.
  7.  I Learned about the dispersion effect( Smoke effect). It was really cool and to perform this effect i learned about the liquid tool and its uses.
  8. I think my only problem is arriving on time on Monday mornings so that i have time to complete what i have planned for that day .
  9.  Wunderlist updated.
  10. gvhgfvfxc

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