Genius Hour#8- April 25th

  1. I learned a little more about the gradient tool and the Rainbow effect and used it to complete the Rainbow effect and edit that picture.
  2.  It made me feel because i finished one more of my edited effects and incorporated in a picture. This meant that now i could move to another picture and another effect which was great.
  3. I learned about how you could add the rainbow and mess with its angles to get the perfect angle of the rainbow. I also learned lot about the gradient tool and how to use it correctly for this effect. Some challenges i faced was to align the rainbow in a perfect arc.
  4. I finished this challenge by actually keep trying until i got the perfect arc which i did after ten tries..
  5. Nothing really failed it went all smooth and i finished the effect.
  6. In the near future i anticipate to start the a new effect but i am still looking for ideas.
  7. I just learned more about the Gradient tool and how to use it. I also learned how to change the shape of the rainbow or any figure by changing some filter settings. I think these things really help me in the future when i try to do more effects.
  8.  The positives of working alone is do whatever you think is right and work on your idea. Don’t have to rely on somebody else to complete the work . Never fail because of anybody else’s mistake. The negative of working alone is sometimes you have to work too much that you feel like it would be better if you had a partner.
  9. Wanderlist updated.
  10. Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.21.15 PM.png

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