Genius Hour Blog#7- April 19th, 2017

  1. Over the past week I finished my day to night effect on Photoshop and learned about some new effects like the rainbow effect but i couldn’t perform that effect due to time shortage.
  2. It made me feel great because finally after so many Genius hour classes i learned how to do it completely and make an example of my own.
  3. This time i didn’t have any challenges it was really simple and easy because i knew what i was doing and had it planned.
  4. There were no challenges to face, it was all smooth.
  5. Nothing failed except the fact that I ran out of time and couldn’t make the rainbow effect but i already knew how to do it.
  6.  These effects are small and I anticipate that i would be doing more complex changes in the future.
  7. I learned how to do the rainbow effect by using different layers and a new tool called the Gradient tool.
  8. My strengths are that i have a lot of examples to start my presentation but my weakness is that i haven’t started it.
  9.  Wunderlist updated.
  10. ii
  11. after-
  12. kjhgxf.PNG

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