Timeline Assignment

Facebook Timeline:-Facebook Timeline

Goal 1:-

What strategies did you use to complete this work? If those strategies had not been available, is there another way you could have done this work?

I used strategies like choosing all the events that i am going to include in my Timeline and making a word document out of that information and then quickly making a timeline. I could have just chose my events as i made my Timeline.

Goal 2:-

This work connects to my interests because i like to study history and know about ancient history and places which i would also like visit.

Goal 3:-

  1. I think gathering and picking the right 15 events was hard for me. Making the timeline was easy and i did it in about 30 mins.
  2.  The fact that Facebook had so much history and some things about Facebook really surprised me as i didn’t know all of it.
  3.  I think the one thing that i will keep wondering is that what other timeline programs their are and how to use them.



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