Genius Hour#6- April 11th, 2017 Blog#6

  1. Over the past week i learned a lot about different features of Photoshop they were features like adding moon effects adding layers to the picture to edit effectively. But i wasn’t able to change a day picture to a Night picture as i ran out of time.
  2. It made me feel great as I had failed on this last week but now I completed it this week. This felt great.
  3. I learned about the different brightness and contrast features, also i learned about the different layer features. I faced different challenges like actually using these features at first and putting it to work.
  4.  I did overcome these challenges by finding this one tutorial that explained in detail and i put all the learning to work.
  5. Nothing failed this week it was perfect except i couldn’t make an example changing day to night.
  6. In the future i think i will be learning more way to edit like this week’s day to night.
  7. I learned about the different types of features of layers and different Brightness and Contrast options .
  8. The Best thing that happened yesterday was that I finally learned how to Change day picture to night picture it was the best because i failed at it last week and it was my goal to complete it today. But i ran out of time an couldn’t really create an example.
  9.  Wunderlist updated.
  10. moon

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