Blog#4- Document Sharing Tools April 5th

In your WordPress blog, create a new post. Tell me what document sharing tools are. Tell me about your learning. Tell me what tool you preferred and why. Give pros and cons of your choice. Would you use this tool in the future? For what purpose? 10 lines. 

Document Sharing tools are very unique they give us a way to work online with our peers and work on something together by sharing that document. They allow you too work as a team. I learned a lot about how there are different Document sharing tools and they are all different some sharing projects or presentations and sometimes sharing ideas. I liked Prezi as I have used this before and really liked it because of it features of presenting all forms of information like video, images and text. Although 2 people can’t work on it at the same time its can still be shared and can have different windows. But it can be bad for the same reason 2 people not being able to work at the press at the same time. It also is confusing to use because of it complex tool bar and slide settings. This is great tool and I would like to use it in the future. I can use it for working on projects that require to present data. I can also be using it for school projects that require to present a big topic.


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