Genius Hour Blog#5- April 4th, 2017

  1. Over the past week I learned about new tools in Photoshop and how to work with them. I also tried to edit some pictures with new types of editing like changing day into Night or cloning something.
  2. It  didn’t really make me feel all that great because after watching some tutorials i couldn’t understand how to do this .
  3. I learned about some of the tools that were involved like moving tool cropping tool and Dodge Tool. I faced challenges like struggling to know how to use these tools and incorporate it in my work.
  4. This problem was hard to figure out for me and I decided to watch some more tutorials and actually tried to follow some steps to use the tools correctly.
  5. I did fail when I was trying to edit a picture’s daytime to Night time.
  6. I think in the future i will work on this day to night feature and try to complete and learn it completely.
  7. I learned about some of the tools like i got more insight on the cropping tool and then i learned about the dodge tool and how it is different from the Healing Brush tool which is used to make backgrounds and different layers look similar. Although i didn’t complete what i wanted to, I still learned about these new tools.
  8.  The only thing that i didn’t expect to happen was me finding the exact tutorial need to learn Day to Night editing as finding such specific ones are hard. It was still lucky even though i couldn’t complete it.
  9. Wunderlist completed.
  10.       kjbj

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