Blog#3-Copyright Thoughts-March 30th

Write about your opinion on people taking music, videos and pictures off the Internet without permission or without citing the web address.  Explain why you think this way.  Consider in your comment such things as loss of money of the creator, “No Internet” police, the moral code of this action, as well as the reality of it.  Your comment should be no fewer then 10 lines of type.


-I think it is a pretty serious matter as it just mainly effects the creator of that piece of music or movie. These people mainly put their art on the internet to get it appreciated or make people buy it online. This is really sad as the Creators lose so much money and sales for something that they work so hard for. I think that the people who make it available online should be traced and should pay for it. There should be a cyber police just for the copyright issue. Downloading music on phones is even easier. A person just has to look around on his phone for an app ans keep trying apps until you find one that works, download music and then delete the app, still owning that music or song. This cyber police should really shut these apps down. When it comes to movies it is hard to download them but there is no need to download as you can just watch online for free and in (most of the time) good quality even though these sites are so popular and well known. The police doesn’t shut them down.


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