Genius Hour Blog#4- March 28th, 2017

  1. Over the past week I learned new things about the Photoshop program and found out about new tools like the moving tool and the cropping tool. I used them with the Healing Brush tool and edited a picture to look like something else without making it look like it has been edited.
  2. It made me feel even more confident than before as I could actually learn more tools and use them correctly. It made me feel great and excited to wanting to learn more so I could get better at this amazing program.
  3. I learned about the new tools and I faced some challenges at first. I didn’t know how to really get the information for the tools and how to be using them. Even after watching some tutorials i wasn’t fully able to understand what purpose did those tools hold in editing a picture.
  4. I did overcome these challenges by actually going on the program and trying these tools out i failed a lot of times but by keep trying to use it with a picture i learned that the tools cut out part of a picture and move it some where else with another tool, then making the background match with the actual picture with the help of the Healing Brush tool.
  5. Nothing really failed yesterday it went fine and i just had to face some challenges while learning the tools.
  6. I think in the future i would be learning about more tool and making a presentation of my learning.
  7. I mainly learned about the new tools like the moving tool and the cropping tool which made me help edit a picture of a building. This made me feel that i accomplished some thing and did something good. It made me feel that i was one step closer to finishing my genius hour project.
  8. Possible Problems like not knowing how to use some tools even with the help of some tutorials. Also failing to make the Presentation. Also not knowing different types go editing strategies.
  9. Done in the Wunderlist.
  10. Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.45.12 PM.png

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