Blog#5-EA Reflection 10th March, 2017

  1. The EA was very interesting and amazing. It had a very interesting way of making us learn all the computer languages. It was something unique like a fun way to learn. The lessons had a lot to offer I felt like they were designed like the language you needed to know and then five or six professions to go along with it. But since we did the lessons in a fun away I really didn’t learn anything like how to write normal numbers into Binary language.
  2. I completed modules like Binary language and those truck modules but even after completing them and listening to what the videos said I kind of felt that the story of the secret service agent was kind of getting in the way of making us understand  how to really use those conversions.
  3.  The lessons were easy as they had told us what buttons to press in order to make the comparisons. But I still didn’t learn anything as i just had to press buttons and got the answer and didn’t learn how to actually do it.
  4. I don’t really think that we need to finish the lessons from that website as i din’t find it too useful but I wouldn’t mind actually using a Website and actually learning about these languages.
  5. The Final thoughts were that if this was a way of introduction to these computer languages then it was fun but i didn’t find a lot of

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