Genius Hour Blog Post#3 March 7th, 2017

  1. Over the past week i learned a lot about the basics of Photoshop i tried to tweak some of the pictures by learning about some of the tools and it worked out really great and i am looking forward to editing more pictures.
  2. It gave me a feeling that there is a lot of work to do and learning to do to actually achieve my project.
  3. I mostly learned about the cropping tool and some other editing. When i was watching a  video about Photoshop i could never follow the steps and do the same that i saw.
  4. I think i just have to understand the program all the way and know how it works so that it shows results.
  5.  Nothing really failed this week in fact i made an edited a picture and changed it.
  6. In the future i except to learn about more tools, make examples of editing photos with different tools like crop tool, slice tool, brush tool and healing brush tool.
  7.  Through some of the Photoshop videos on YouTube I learned the basics of Photoshop and learned about spot healing brush tool which i later used to edit and remove pimples from a face and make it look real.
  8. One important thing that i learned was the healing brush tool and how it can be used to accurately edit and make picture better without making them look edited or unreal and this was really fascinating o me.


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