Genius Hour Blog#2 Feb 28th

  1. Over the past week i started to write my Proposal and started to get it ready in a Prezi. I also started looking into the basics of Photoshop.
  2. It made me feel good as i was happy that my project at least got started somewhere and i was getting close to start working on it.
  3. I learned about different types of Photoshop tools. I faced some challenges like Learning and using Prezi.
  4. I started to look into Prezi basics and some tutorials.
  5. Nothing failed this week everything went fine.
  6. In the Future i think i will complete my genius hour proposal as the Prezi form also i will be starting to editing pictures.
  7. This process is a good way to plan out your project and give your genius hour ideas a start.
  8.  The Big idea is mainly learning about Photoshop everything i can learn and use it to change picture to show my understanding and what i learned.
  9. I am doing this because I have an interest in editing and modifying pictures and being creative. Mainly learning something that is challenging and requires a person to be creative interests me.
  10. I think the changes that i need to make to my idea is describe the kind of modifying i will do to my pictures which i am kind of unknown to right now as i am still learning.

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