Blog#1-February 22-Pink Shirt Day

  1. Bullying means to me when one person has a offending behavior towards somebody else that effects that person’s life mentally.
  2. I think the video Boundin was my favorite because it showed how people need to accept themselves the way they are and live with it.
  3. Each of them portrayed one message that was to not be bullying others as even if we do it as a joke it effects the person’s life mentally. It also tells how we should be accepting ourselves the way we are.
  4. Cyber bullying is just one other way of bullying online. It is done on a computer without face to face contact. It isn’t really that different as it is just typed except talking.
  5. My final thoughts are that Bullying should be eliminated from schools and kids should learn to help each other and not be making fun of each other. The origin of Pink day was when a kid wore pink to schools and was made fun of the next day lots of students came to school wearing pink to show that bully and support the victim.

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