Genius Hour Blog post

Thursday February 16th, 2017


  1. This week i learned a lot about Genius Hour and how to picture your ideas. We watched some videos that really taught me how ideas are generated how are imagination can be used to get ideas. I also learned that ideas don’t hit you instantly they take time and patients. I also learned a little about my project which i have decided to be a Photoshop assignment.
  2.  I was really excited that i have settled on something like Photoshop to be my project. I am also excited about the fact that i will be able to learn more about cropping pictures and attaching them to different other pictures or editing and making pictures better.
  3. I faced some challenges like what to decide as my final project but i was confused between topics like making a game, website or making an Android app for smart phones
  4. I did overcome this challenge as I got Inspired by the Photoshop potential and features.  I was really interested in how a picture can completely be recreated.
  5.  Nothing failed because it was my first week and I haven’t even started.6.I anticipate that in the near future I will start working on my project and start with a type of Presentation. I want to start to edit photos with different types of editing skills.
    1. At this point I just want to start learning everything about Photoshop and putting it into action by editing pictures

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